36 New Factory Fuse Box I.D. Plates

35 New Factory Original Engine Compartment Flexlight

34 New Interceptor Factory Hood Hinge Pin Assemblies

33 New Factory Original Shifter Nob Assembly

7 New Factory Style Chriome Resonator Tips

6 Newly refinished Factory Valve Covers

5 Used Factory Fire Extinguishers

3 MARK III  Factory Wheels

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts:  1-310-215-9715

50 New Interceptor Steering U-Joint Assembly

49 Used Factory Interceptor Turn Signal Assembly

48 Used Interceptor Vaccuum Actuators

47 Used Interceptor Convertible Top Latches

17 Used Reconditioned Factory Exhaust Manifolds.  Both Types

16 Used Reconditioned Factory Exhaust Manifolds.  Both Types

15 Used Ignition Keys Assemblies

14 Used Scuttle Top Grilles

46 Used Interceptor Factory Spare Tire Carrier

45 Used Interceptor Radiator Overflow Tanks

44 Rear Interceptor Boot Hatch Divider Panel

43 Used Rear Interceptor Suspension Bumpers

13 New Factory Style Original Bosch Fans with Black Blacks

12 Used Mark III Fan Shrouds

11 Used Factory Outside Mirrors

10 Used Factory Steering Wheels

4 New Factory Tail Light Assembiies

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts:  1-310-215-9715

51 New Jensen Interceptor Blower Motor Resistors

24 New Interceptor Turn Signal Lever Assembly

23 New and Used Legend Plates

22 New Original Style White Blade Bosch Fans

21 Used Interceptor Convertible Front Seat Shoulder Belt Guides

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts:  1-310-215-9715

Welcome to Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts.

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor

 We have a full and complete line of new and used Jensen Interceptor II & III parts.  Here is a small sample of our Jensen Interceptor inventory of new and used parts: bumpers, suspensions, boot hatches, all glass, doors, fenders, interiors, moldings, radiators, exhaust manifolds, factory original Bosch cooling fans, chrome factory tips, all engine components, valve covers, air cleaners, electrical, badges, weather stripping, seals, wheels, grilles, gauges, switches, brake parts, complete suspensions and rear differentials, gas tanks, factory original jacks, fire extinguishers and tools also hundreds of hard to find original detail items.  Over 35 Years in Business, we are the Largest Distributor of New and Used Jensen Interceptor Parts in the U.S.A.  We ship World Wide.  Free Technical Help and Advice on dealing with your existing Jensen as well as First Time Buyers.  All shops welcome to call.  We buy running or non-running Jensen parts cars. 

 All business done by phone only (no e-mail).    1-310-215-9715. 

32 440 V-8 Factory Exhaust Manifold Heat Shield

31 Used Interceptor Horn Buttons

30 Used Factory Original Jack / Lug Wrench and Bag Combination

29 Rear Bumper License Plate Light Assembly

20 Original Complete Factory Tool Kit with  Bag

Here is a small sampling of some of our Jensen Interceptor Parts:

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts:  1-310-215-9715

42 New interceptor Convertible Factory Micro Switches

41 New Interceptor Factory Fuel Tank Sending Unit

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts:  1-310-215-9715

Nitewing Jensen Interceptor Parts:  1-310-215-9715

28 Front and Rear Interceptor Bumper Guards

27 New Factory Cut Out/Cut In A/C Switches

26 New Interceptor Factory Fuse Blocks with Covers

25 Used Factory Windshield Washer Bottles

9 Used Interceptor Convertible Rear Interior Light Assemblies

8 Used Interceptor Grilles

40 New Interceptor Factory Speedo Cable

39 New Interceptor Factory Side Marker Lens Assemblies

38 New Factory Sway Bar and Links

37 Used Wiper Chrome Pivot Bezles / Inside Door Lock Knobs

19 Dash Top Air Vents

18 Used A/C Vent Balls

2 Lear Jet I.D. Plates

1 All badges new and used